Auto Fire Settings

Autofire Pattern

The default configuration for an auto fire key is the alteration of on/off/on/off every frame.  For most games this works nicely, but there are situations where this doesn't work properly.  For example, Double Dragon 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run at 30fps (screen updates every other frame).  To use autofire in these types of games, you would want to set the autofire pattern to 2 on / 2 off.   In a situation where a players weapon on fires every 4th frame, you can set the autofire pattern to 1 on / 3 off.

Autofire Offset

The default is for certain frames to have the on setting and others to have the off setting.  For instance, "on" might be lined up with a movie file's even numbers.  But a situation may need the autofire pattern to have "on" on the odd numbers instead.  In this case the autofire offset should be set to 1.  This will delay the normal "on" fire by 1 frame.  If an autofire pattern is set to 2 on / 2 off, an autofire offset of 2 might be necessary.

Alternate A and B

Alternate A and B is for a specific case where both the A and B autofire buttons are pressed simultaneously.  With alternate A and B, the fire pattern will be A,B,A,B rather than A+B, off, A+B, off.

Note: All autofire patterns read the Lag Counter (see display) and skip over any frames where input is not polled.  This means that in a laggy area, the autofire pattern will not be affected.

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