Customizing through the Config File

There are some options that can only be done by directly editing the config (fceux.cfg) file.  All of those options are documented here.

The .cfg file is a text file and can be opened by any text editor (just as wordpad).

Emulator background Color when Graphics Background is disabled


When you disable the backgrounds (Config > Display > Graphics: GB), the default color is black.  You can change that color by modifying this value.  By default it is 255 (black).


debuggerFontSize 15

This value determines the size of the "Courier" font used by Debugger and Trace Logger. By default it is 15.

Hex Editor

hexeditorFontSize 15

This value determines the size of the "Courier" font used by Hex Editor. By default it is 15.

HexRowHeightBorder 0

This value determines the number of pixels between each row of values in the Hex Editor.  By default it is 0.

HexBackColorR 255

HexBackColorG 255

HexBackColorB 255

HexForeColorR 0

HexForeColorG 0

HexForeColorB 0

HexFreezeColorR 0

HexFreezeColorG 0

HexFreezeColorB 255

These values allows are the Hex Editor color scheme values (RGB).  The background color is 255,255,255 (white) by default.  The foreground color (text) is 0,0,0 (black) by default. When an address is frozen it is 0,0,255 (blue) by default.

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