Guides for the specific tools and settings under FCEUX's Debug menu.


A tool for looking at game instructions in assembly language. With experience,

one can use it to fix game patching errors, or find RAM and Game Genie codes.

PPU Viewer

A tool that displays the current PPU contents and related information. The PPU

viewer allows you to view the graphic squares that make up what's displayed.

Name Table Viewer

A tool for displaying the current Name Table contents. Helps to isolate PPU

and tile information, which allows the debugger to be used to check PPU coding.

Hex Editor

A tool for displaying a game's RAM contents and for memory poking. Also allows

for reading in the raw PPU data, copy/paste-ing RAM, and visually debugging RAM.

Trace Logger

Captures assembly code instructions and outputs them to a file or the window. Very

useful for analyzing code, finding crash addresses, fixing transferred routines, and

for comparing routine function between a game and a persistently buggy NSF.

Code/Data Logger

Allows you to extract the data used by a game. Make patch demos, find data

loaded by a game around a certain point, or just map out a single routine run.

Game Genie Encoder/Decoder

Allows you to add Game Genie codes to the Cheats menu, decode existing

ones to their component information, and (re)create a code with desired values.

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