File Formats/Expansion Hardware

Valid Game Types

FCEUX supports the iNES, FDS(raw and with a header), UNIF, and NSF file formats. FDS ROM images in the iNES format are not supported; it would be silly to do so and storing them in that format is nonsensical.

FCEUX supports loading ROM/disk images from some types of compressed files. FCEUX can load data from both PKZIP-format files and gzip-format files. Only the "deflate" algorithm is supported, but this is the most widely used algorithm for these formats.

Playing from compressed (.zip) files

FCEUX is compatible with all compression types compatible with 7z.  Compatible types include .7z, .zip, .rar, and .tar.

If an archive file is opened, it will be scanned for the followings extensions: .nes, .fds, .nsf, .unf, .nez, .unif.  If more than one valid type is detected, a dialog box will open up with a list of available choices.

Automatic IPS Patching (Playing Hacked Games)

FCEUX supports automatic IPS patching.  

Place the IPS file in the same directory as the file to load, and name it [filename.extension].ips.

        Examples:        Boat.nes -      Boat.nes.ips


                        Boat.nes.gz -  Boat.nes.gz.ips

                        Boat     -         Boat.ips


(Some operating systems and environments will hide file extensions. Keep this in mind if you are having trouble.)

Patching is supported for all supported formats (iNES, FDS, UNIF, and NSF), but it will probably only be useful for the iNES and FDS formats. UNIF files can't be patched well with the IPS format because they are chunk-based with no fixed offsets.

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