What's New? 2.1.2

Released November 3, 2009

The 2.1.2 release fixes some bugs of 2.1.0a, increases game compatibility, launches a new PPU core, and adds usability enhancements to the windows port.


  • New PPU is now functional!  You can access it by changing the newPPU flag in the config file.  Windows users can access it from Config > PPU > New PPU
  • Dragon Ball Z 3 now playable again
  • Fixed action 52 game that was broken in post-FCEUX 2.0.3 versions
  • Mapper 253 mostly implemented
  • Mapper 43 fixed bug


  • Imported NSF features from FCEUXDSP-NSF.  Debugging tools are now compatible with NSF files.
  • Movies now record FDS disk swapping commands
  • Movie play dialog displays movie time based on ~60.1 (~50.1 PAL) instead of 60 & 50
  • Ram Watch and Ram Search dialogs imported from GENS rerecording
  • Ram Filter dialog removed (now redundant compared to both cheat search and ram search)
  • Lua script window ported from GENS
  • Fix for the directory overrides bug that caused overrides to reset
  • Debugger:  .deb file saving/loading restored
  • "Save config file" menu item
  • "New PPU" menu item

Minor Bug fixes

  • Minor fixes to recent menus
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Map Hotkeys dialog's X button from closing the dialog
  • Restored DPCM Logging when Code/Data Logger is active
  • Memory watch - Save Changes Prompt - clicking save will default to quicksave first and save as 2nd (instead of always defaulting to save as)
  • Made Trace Logger refresh adequately when using stepping options in the debugger.


  • joypad.set() fixed.  True,False, and Nil now work properly for all buttons.  In addition there is a new "invert" option.
  • Lua5.1.dll no longer required to use lua.
  • fceu.unpause()
  • Added savestate.registerload(), savestate.registersave(), savestate.loadscriptdata()
  • emu. library, has all the same functions as fceu. library for better compatibility between lua emulators
  • Many additional function names to increase consistency with other lua emulators
  • Added movie.recording() and movie.playing()
  • Added memory.getregister() and memory.setregister()
  • Added gui.popup and input.popup
  • Added savestate.registerload(), savestate.registersave(), and savestate.loadscriptdata()

New Lua Scripts

  • A multi-track movie recording tools written by FatRatKnight.  Allows input for different players to be recorded separately.
  • A rewinding tool by Antony Lavelle

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