What's New? 2.1.5

Released 04 June 2011

The 2.1.5 release fixes a lot of bugs and brings various improvements to the prior 2.1.4a release. In addition, the SDL port has improved signficantly; completely overhauling the GTK2 GUI, fixing many sound issues, and fixing a variety of bugs.


  • Fixed compatibility issue with Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
  • Fixed bug in new PPU that made some intensify bits not get applied to output (fixed flashing siren screen in Werefolf)
  • Fix many segmentation faults related to file handling


  • Slight performance increase when loading movies
  • Fixed read-only loadstate error messages and logic


  • Lua socket added to built-in lua library
  • Fixed speed.mode() function so that normal turns off turbo

New Lua functions

  • gui.savescreenshotas()
  • sound.get()


  • Fixed bug where PPU toggling toggled the Game Genie as well
  • Fixed some minor GUI issues
  • Added avi capture commandline argument and related parameters
  • Fix input selection for Famicom Expansion port


  • Fixed Ram Search to only display valid RAM addresses (0000-07FF and 6000-7FFF)
  • Fixed crash when re-opening debugging window

Hex Editor

  • Added a confirmation prompt before removing all bookmarks

Ram Watch / Ram Search

  • Fixed the multiple selection of watches
  • Added support for Multiple selection of addresses in RamWatch Fixed issue with restoration of the selection range in RamWatch


  • General cleanup
  • Fixed crash when truncating while turbo was enabled
  • Invalidate greenzone when re-recording earlier portions of a movie


  • Added "SaveStateAs" menu item
  • Display movie name at the top of the main window

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