FCE Ultra Movie File Format

       - Updated March 22, 2004

The FCM file format is a somewhat "joined" file format.  The first part of a FCM

file will contain an FCS-format state save.  After this data, the FCM-specific data

begins, which is being referred to from this point.

Currently, the only supported input scheme for a FCM is four joysticks.

The FCM data consists of a stream of joystick commands:


       d  = Dummy update, if set.  Used to reset frame timestamp.

       LL  = timestamp length, in bytes(maximum of 3 bytes).

       jj  = Which joystick(0-3).

       bbb = Which button(0-7).

       If the dummy update bit is set, a command can also have occurred.  Look at the

       lower 5 bits:

               0        =        Just a dummy update.

               1        =        Reset

               2        =        Power

       The timestamp is stored after the joystick command, in LSB-first format.  It is

       the number of frames since the last event.  A timestamp length of "0" is valid, to

       be used when several different buttons need to change state at the same time(same frame,

       at least).

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