If after reading the Manual you still have any questions on the topic, feel free to ask them at TASVideos forum.

I think I've found a bug in the program, what should I do?

Post a message in the FCEUX subforum of TASVideos. Try to explain the issue precisely, to help author reproduce the situation. Attach a screenshot if you think it reflects the essence of the problem.

Is it possible to use Taseditor with other emulators?

No. Even though the program code of Taseditor is mostly isolated from the emulator code, it is by no means a plug-in. So it's necessary to manually port its source code and modify it according to specifications of target platform.

How can I TAS the traditional way, yet with Taseditor interface?

Basically, you can start traditional TASing right away, no additional settings are required. But if you must keep some old habits intact, you can fine-tune the program. Try the following options:

Also, it's recommended to switch the Bookmarks List to the "Branches Tree" view.

Why the right-click on the FCEUX window doesn't prompt the usual context menu?

It's done to facilitate the Playback cursor navigation with the mouse wheel.

Usually users move the mouse cursor in such a manner that it's in sight. Thus when TASer is watching the game events the cursor will often be inside the FCEUX window. Context menus would obstruct the view when you want to rewind the Playback by holding the right mouse button and rolling the mouse wheel. So, since there's no important items in the menu while TAS Editor is engaged, the menu was removed.

Why the right-click on the Piano Roll sometimes prompts a context menu and sometimes doesn't?

Taseditor's context menu only appears when you right-click on the number of a selected frame. If you right-click on a frame that is not selected, or you right-click on the Input of a selected frame, the menu won't appear.

It's done to facilitate the Piano Roll scrolling by right-clicking and dragging.

Generally, it's recommended to use keyboard shortcuts and other means of accessing Taseditor features instead of using context menu.

How do I insert a Reset command into the movie?

You should use Input Recording here. Place the Playback cursor to the target frame, switch on Recording, then choose NES -> Reset in FCEUX main menu and press Frame Advance. Also, it's recommended to set a Marker to this frame, since there's no other way to mark a Reset/Power switch in the Piano Roll (there's no columns for commands, only for buttons).

Then you can switch Recording off and continue usual movie editing. The frame with the Reset command can be transposed up or down by inserting or deleting frames above it.

Other hardware commands are invoked the same way, see Controls.

How do I change the order of columns in the Piano Roll?

Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in TAS Editor 1.0.  This will be fixed in next versions.

How do I change the number of players (joypads) in my movie?

You should create a new project, copying the Input and Markers from the current one.

Choose File -> New in TAS Editor main menu. In the "Create New Project" window: choose the needed Input type, check "Copy current Input" and "Copy current Markers" checkboxes and click "OK".

Old project's Bookmarks won't be copied to the new project this way. But you can recreate them using Input export/import features.

How can I quickly compare two movies?

  1. Make sure that Hot Changes are enabled.
  2. Create an empty project, import the first movie into it (using File -> Import Input), replay the movie to the end and save it to Bookmark 1.
  3. Import the second movie over the existing Input and save the result to Bookmark 2.

The import operation will truncate the Greenzone after the frame where the first difference between Input of the two movies was found. Other places of discrepancy can be detected by observing the Input in the Piano Roll:

  • buttonpresses that match in both movies are colored black
  • new buttonpresses (added by the 2nd movie) are colored bright-red
  • deleted buttonpresses are marked by dash

For extra convenience it's recommended to name both Bookmarks, for example, copy/paste the filename of the imported movie into the upper Marker Note just before creating a Bookmark.

Why are those fm3 files so large?

An FM3 file usually contains full snapshot of the working process, including the Greenzone data (which takes the most part of the file). See Advanced Features for details. You can customize this in the Config.

Why is the Manual so long?

Because besides the program specifications the Manual contains a comprehensive tutorial (the Beginner's Guide) which systematizes known principles of effective TASing. Since there was no similar endeavors before, the author decided that lengthy explanations are the lesser evil than possible inexactitude.

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