TAS Editor Inside

This section of the documentation describes all ideas put into the Taseditor and reveals major details of the final implementation of TAS Editor 1.0. For more details check the source code of the program (in C++).

Taseditor is an open source program and is distributed under the MIT license which allows unrestricted use. The license was chosen to encourage modification and porting to another platforms.

You can download the source code of the FCEUX emulator with built-in Taseditor from the official SVN repository: http://sourceforge.net/p/fceultra/code/

To work with SVN you'll need some SVN client program, like TortoiseSVN.

The source code of Taseditor is well-commented, and to understand the code you only need basic skills of programming in C++ under Win32 API.


The intended functionality of the program


The actual program architecture


The list of unobvious nuances

FM3 format

Taseditor project file specifications

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