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Last updated February 10, 2012
by punkrockguy318

Table of Contents:

What is the subversion build and how can I get it?

The most recent changes to fceuX are reflected immediately in the fceux sourceforge subversion server. You can checkout the source code to build fceuX with the most recent sources by running the following command:

svn co https://fceultra.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fceultra/fceu fceux

Instructions for compiling and installing fceuX can be found in the "README-SDL" file.

How do I configure a gamepad?

If you have the GTK GUI compiled into fceuX, you can configure the gamepad by selecting "Options...Gamepad" in the menubar.

You can allso configure the first gamepad by running fceux --inputcfg gamepad1

When you configure a button you will be presented with a black window with a titlebar indicating what button to map. FceuX will look for two of the same keypress/joystick event in a row. If it doesn't find two of the same keypresses in a row, it will allow you to map the button to two separate keys.

My sound is stuttery/laggy. How can I fix this?

Try using different SDL audio drivers. You can set the SDL audio driver with the following command:

export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=driver

where driver is: esd,oss,alsa,pulse,nas,arts.

There have been a lot of sound related bug fixes for the SDL port in recent releases, so you may want to try the latest version of fceuX to see if you are still having issues. FceuX 2.1.4 fixed the majority of the reported sound issues.

How can I change my emulator hotkey bindings?

You need to edit your ~/.fceux/fceux.cfg file. The SDL.Hotkeys.* values are SDL keysyms, which can be found in SDL_keysym.h (probably /usr/include/SDL/SDL_keysym.h on your system). At the time of writing, hotkeys are not mappable from the GUI in sdl (although it is planned for the future).

Can I map emulator hotkeys to my gamepad?

If you want to map particular hotkeys (pause, save state, load state, etc) to buttons on your gamepad, you can use software that allows you to map joystick events to key presses. qjoypad is the recomended solution for this. You can also use Jkeys to do this.


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