The all in one NES/Famicom/Dendy Emulator
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To run FCEUX in Mac OSX, you must have the following library dependencies installed on your system:

Qt5, SDL2, minizip, and zlib

If you are attempting to use the appveyor pipeline autobuild of fceux, you must install these dependencies via the home brew package management tool. The following commands will install the necessary dependencies to run the autobuild:

		 brew install qt5
		 brew install sdl2
		 brew install minizip
If you are attempting to compile fceux, you can either install the dependencies via home brew or you can install the dmg packages available from the Qt and SDL websites. The cmake and make build tools are required to compile fceux. See the README file in the root directory of the project for build instructions. You can also look at what is being done in the ./pipelines/macOS_build.sh script if you wish to build fceux in the same way the autobuild does.