Directory Overrides

This menu sets a default directory override for various files relating to FCEU.

Base Directory

sets the default directory FCEU will use.  It will be the folder that FCEU creates all the sub folders (unless they are also overridden).


where FCEU will look for ROMS by default.  (What folder will appear when selecting the Files > Open...)

Battery Saves

where .sav files will stored and opened from.  These files contain the battery backed SRAM used in some games (such as Dragon Warrior).

Save States

where .fcs (savestate) files will be stored. 


where FCEU can find disksys.rom.  disksys.rom is a required file in order to load FDS (Famicom Disk System) games.  If not specified, FCEUX will default to the base directory.


where screen captures (.png) files will be saved.

Save Screenshots as "<filebase>-<x>.png"

sets how the .png files will be named.  Left unchecked, the file names will simply be 0.png, 1.png etc.  Checked adds the ROM name into the file as well (such as Double Dragon 2 (U)-0.png)


where .cht files will be stored.  .cht files store the active cheats set up in Cheat Search.


where  .fm2 files will be saved/loaded.  These files are the input files used in movie recording.

Memory Watch

where memory watch files are saved/loaded.  These are used by memory watch.

Input Presets

where input presets will be saved/loaded.  These are used in the presets section on the input config window.

Lua Scripts

where Lua scripts will be saved/loaded.  These are used when using the Lua Scripting tool.

AVI Output

overrides which directory FCEUX will default to when saving a .avi file.

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