Various toggle boxes related to the FCEUX main window.

Load "File Open" dialog when FCEUX starts.

If enabled, FCEUX will ask for a ROM to open upon FCEUX start up. 

Automatically hide menu on game load.

If enabled, the FCEU Menu will be hidden while a ROM is loaded.  To unhide it, press the ESC key.

Ask confirmation on exit attempt.

If enabled, FCEUX will ask you before closing the window.  (It may also say some other things...)

Disable screen saver while game is loaded. 

This is enabled by default.  If a game is running, the windows screen saver will not turn on.

Enable right-click context menu.

This is enabled by default.  This allows you to right-click on the emulator to get context menus.  The context menu gives many common options for a given situation and has a few options not available otherwise.

Switch fullscreen by double-click

If enabled, you may switch between fullscreen mode and windowed mode by a double-click on the emulator.

Partially disable Visual Themes (Requires restart)

If enabled, dialog windows in FCEUX will use classic Visual Theme (a la Windows98 interface).

Single Instance Mode

If enabled, starting a second copy of FCEUX with a path to a game will make FCEUX load the file into the first window, then exit. This will ensure that only one instance of FCEUX is running in your OS.

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