Lua Scripting

Lua is a scripting language similar to Perl or Python.  It allows for logical evaluation equivalent to languages like C but in a much more dynamic way that eliminates much of the need to compile programs and worry about low level resource management like deleting objects.  In the context of FCEUX, Lua allows for direct control of the emulator through this logical construct.

What this means to a non-"programmer" is that you can essentially automate certain tasks in FCEUX, such as holding controller inputs, displaying additional graphical information and saving/loading savestates.

A bit of previous programming knowledge will be useful in taking advantage of this feature, but it is certainly not a requirement.  Lua is specifically written with the intention of being easier than most languages for anyone to understand and use.

Getting Started

The basics of Lua scripting, its implementation into FCEUX, and how to get started using Lua.

Using Lua

How to use Lua and basic syntax/commands that are useable under FCEUX.

Lua Functions List

A list of Lua functions available in FCEUX and a brief description of each.


Additional libraries integrated into FCEUX.

Lua Bot

How to use Luau's version of Basic bot.

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