iNES Header Editor

As the name describes, this tool parses the iNES header of NES ROM file, which is called iNES header, to a human understandable information. You can change various settings of the ROM, such as Mapper#, CHR RAM Size, PRG RAM Size, mirroring type, region... etc.

This tool is experimental, and incorrect modification to the header may cause the ROM fail to run or some unpredictable consequences. Use at your own risk.

About iNES Format

The first 16 bytes of each iNES format file store some important settings of the dumped ROM in binary. When NES Emulator loads the game, it will determine how to simulate based on these settings.

The iNES format currently has 2 versions, 1.0 and 2.0

Modify The iNES Header

For historical reason, some ROM file has misinformed or malformed information in their header, they can't run normally or even fail to run in FCEUX or other emulators. This tool can help for diagnose and fix the problems. Sometimes ROM hacking also requires modifying the header.

To edit the header of a ROM file, just click the menu and select the file. If a ROM is already loaded, it will edit the current ROM. After modification, press "Save as..." button to save to a new file.

For safety purposes, we recommend you always save the header modified ROM to a new file, or backup the original ROM before editing.

If you regretted before saving, you can press "Restore" button, all the settings will back to the original.

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