(written by FatRatKnight)

Overview of Included Scripts

Many users of FCEUX do not investigate the luaScripts folder, or, for that matter, ignore lua scripting altogether. The purpose of this text is to let users know that knowing how to create lua scripts is not a requirement in using them. Indeed, there are several scripts that, if you just load them, will explain themselves enough that you don't need to know how to program at all in order to use them. Besides, they shouldn't need to be re-programmed anyway if you are to use them, for if they needed programming experience just to be used, their existence is largely defeated by that very fact!

FCEUX itself is a program that you load. Our amazing programmers did all the work already so you don't need to program up your own FCEUX to run it, do you? The same can be said of these scripts.

So, open the luaScripts folder and actually take the time to look at some of these scripts. You may use a text-editing program to open these if you so wish.

General Purpose scripts:

These may be used with any game freely. Else, the "General" part of General Purpose doesn't apply.

  • Mutlitrack2.lua        -        Tracks future input that FCEUX promptly loses on state-load, for TAS
  • Subtitler.lua                -        For easier use of FCEUX's built-in subtitles for .fm2 files
  • Rewinder.lua        -        A way to rewind backwards by pressing a button
  • Sprites.lua                -        Sprite debugging highlights all sprites on screen, with mouse hover to inspect.

Game Specific scripts:

These scripts are built specifically for certain games. Attempting to run them while you've loaded another ROM will likely cause undesired results. The meaning of "undesired results" in this case are things like crashing the game, causing it to glitch in other ways, or having nonsense numbers and pixels show up.

  • BugsBunnyBirthdayBlowout.lua
  • Excitingbike.lua
  • Excitingbike-speedometeronly.lua
  • Galaxian.lua
  • Gradius-BulletHell.lua
  • Machrider.lua
  • MegamanII-LaserEyes.lua
  • PunchOutChallenge.lua
  • PunchOutStats.lua
  • PunchOutTraining.lua
  • SMB2U.lua
  • SMB3-RainbowRiding.lua
  • SMB-AreaScrambler.lua
  • SMB-CompetitionRecorder.lua
  • SMB-HitBoxes.lua
  • SMB-Jetpack.lua
  • SMB-Lives&HPDisplay.lua
  • SMB-Mouse.lua
  • SMB-Snow.lua
  • TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.lua
  • tetris.lua

Auxiliary Functions scripts:

These scripts exist to make the life of programmers easier. As such, if you don't program, you may skip over these scripts. These should not be run by themselves, for they themselves probably don't have any programming to do any work usefully. It's like giving yourself a clip of bullets with no gun to use.

  • FRKfunctions.lua        -        To aid with input.get, display, and registers
  • x_functions.lua
  • shapedefs.lua        -        Contains a few shape-drawing functions

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