Sound Configuration

where you can configure sound

Input/Output format

The sound enabled/disabled checkbox will turn on/off FCEUX's sound.

The force 8-bit sound checkbox will override the current sound configuration and use 8-bit sound instead.

You can select the sound quality in the sound quality pull down menu.

Rate sets the audio sample rate.

Mute frame advance

If checked, no sound will be produce when frame advance is pressed.

Mute Turbo

If checked, the sound processing will be bypassed when emulation is in turbo mode

Swap Duty Cycles

If checked, replicates the behavior of some famiclones that have duty cycles swapped for square channels.


On older machines, increased buffering may be necessary.  If the sound is glitchy or crackling, increasing the buffing time may resolve the issue.  Lower buffering settings can reduce sound latency.

Volume Control

Sets the sound volume of the master sound or individual sound channels.


Sets the Master volume level.  You can also set volume levels using the sound volume up, volume down, mute, and volume normal hotkeys under map hotkeys menu.

Triangle/Square 1/Square 2/Noise/PCM

Sets the volume to each individual sound channel.

Note: When using low quality sound, the amount of channel control is greatly limited.  Some sound channels are disabled.

Restore Defaults

Restores the master and individual sound channel volumes to their default location.

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