Settings related to emulation timing.

Disable Speed Throttling Used When Sound is Disabled

If checked, speed throttling will not be used while sound is disabled.  (Speed throttling gives a performance boost while sound is off).

Set High Priority Thread

Sets processing priority.  Enabling can help slower computers keep a steady 60fps (or 50fps) framerate.

Overclocking (old PPU only)

Overclocks the console by adding dummy scanlines to the usual PPU loop, causing CPU to run more cycles per frame. Can be done in two different ways: by adding Post-render scanlines and by adding Vblank scanlines. The method to be used depends on the game. Maximum value is 999.

Don't overclock 7-bit samples

Such samples are played by the game at the rate it wants, so by running extra cycles, it will generate extra samples. To prevent those from being sped up, this option allows to cancel all the dummy scanlines once a 7-bit sample starts. This hardly affects gameplay, since such samples cause heavy lag, preventing the game from actually operating, so disabling overclocking during them won't slow the game down.

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