What's New? 2.0.2

Released November 02, 2008

This release includes some key bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Major Bug / Crash Bug Fixes

* Reset/Power-on recording for .fm2 files!

* fix ..fcm conversion, recording, and playback of reset and power commands

* Win32 - auto-load the only useful ROM or movie from an archive, in cases where there is only one

* Win32 - permit user optionally to proceed through the movie savestate mismatch error condition, in case he knows what he is doing.

* Win32 - fix a bug in the savestate recovery code which prevent aborted savestate loads from recovering emulator state correctly.

* gracefully handle non-convertible broken UTF-8 text without crashing

* Win32 - don't read every archive file when scanning for replay dialog. scan them, and only look for *.fm2

New Features Win32

* Win32 - added a toggle for binding savestates to movies

* Win32 - added -cfg (config file) command line argument

Minor Bug fixes

* Win32 - Sound config dialog will now look to see if Mute Turbo should be checked

* Win32 - Debugger - Fix Child windows inside debugging window get invalid sizes

* Win32 - bind a menu option for display frame counter

* Win32 - fix problem where replay dialog couldn't work when the process current directory had changed to something other than emulator base directory

* Lua ignores second joypad.set()

* Load state as... does not use the savestate override dir (fixed; now, it does)

*Win32 - debugger - fix issue where keyboard keys get stuck when switching between debugger window and main window


* SDL - added support for AVI creation for SDL, see documentation/Videolog.txt for more

* SDL - --inputcfg can now be used without a filename

* SDL - should fix issues with missing author field crashing FCEUX

* SDL - toggle lag frame counter for SDL, default hotkey F8

* SDL - toggle skipping of lag frames for SDL, default hotkey F6

* SDL - user ability to toggle "bind savestates to movie" added for SDL, default hotkey F2

* SDL - Lua is now optional, thanks Shinydoofy for a patch.  also fixed some build issues.

* SDL - fixed an issue where flawed movie would crash FCEUX on every startup

* SDL - fixed issue where windowed mode would always be set to 32 bpp

* SDL - fixed ppc build errors and added LSB_FIRST option to build scripts

* SDL - --newppu option added to SDL, disabled by default


* GFCEUX - made the input config window more usable

* GFCEUX - added uninstall script for GFCEUX

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