What's New? 2.1

Released March 29, 2009

This release includes a multitude of new features, major fixes, and enhancements.

New Features Win32

*The latest mappers and mapper fixes from FCEU-mm.  Adds support for many new games such as Warioland II (Unl), Shu Qi Yu,  and Street Dance

*Full screen mode fixed!  Also, Alt+Enter properly toggles full screen.

*Individual control for sound channels! (See sound config for details).

*Undo/Redo Savestate/Loadstate features installed!  No more loss of data to unintentional presses.  (See getting started for details).

*Movie subtitles can now be included in .fm2 files.  See .fm2 documentation for details and Movie options for details on customizing.

*Auto-backup for movie files.  (See movie options for details).

*A Ram change monitor for the Memory watch dialog. (see memwatch for details).

*Frame counter works even without a movie loaded.

*AVI Directory Override option.

Major Bug / Crash Bug Fixes

*Fixed throttling problems that resulted on AMD Dualcore processors. (Caused FCEUX to appear to be in turbo mode).

*Fix major crash issue where NROM game (such as SMB) savestates were writing erroneous information if a non NROM game was loaded prior.

*Fixed a bug that caused a new sav file to not get created when loading a 2nd battery backed game.

*Fix Directory Overrides so to allow users to have no override.  Also fixes directory override reset bug.

Minor Bug fixes

*Hotkeys - prevent "Hotkey explosion" where some laptop keys set off all unassigned hotkeys

*Timing - "disable throttling when sound is off" now only affects FCEUX when sound is off

*Clip Left and Right sides taken into account when drawing on screen (record/play/pause, lag & frame counters, messages, etc)

*Fixed bug where having sound off and Mute turbo caused chirps when toggling

*Video settings - fixed bug when both aspect ratio correction and special scaling 3x are set, video was getting resized incorrectly

*Auto-save cleanup -prevent loading an auto-save from previous session.  Added flags for enabling auto-save menu item.

*Fixed issues related to big endian compiling. 

*Fix bug so that Escape can now be assigned as a hotkey

*Fixed bug in screenshot numbering that caused numbering to not reset when changing games.

GUI / Menu Enhancements

*A right-click context menu added!  Includes many commonly used items for a variety of situations.

*Menu items that are hotkey mappable now show their current hotkey mapping

*Major overhaul to the Menu organization.  

*All FCEUX features are now accessible in the menu

*Alt Menu Shortcuts properly configured

*Menu items are properly grayed when not useable

*All movie related menu items moved to a Movie options dialog 

*Removed hard-coded Accel keys and replaced with re-mappable hotkeys (Open & Close ROM)

*Drag & Drop for .fm2 and .lua files

*Many new functions added to the context menu (See context menu for details)

*New Mappable Hotkeys: Open Cheats, Open ROM, Close ROM, Undo/Redo savestate, Toggle Movie Subtitles


*Added input.get() !  Returns the mouse info and all keyboard buttons pressed by the user.

*Fixed joypad.set().  False now sets a button to off.  Nil does not affect the button at all (allowing the user to still control it).

*gui.text() Increased height (to approx. 7 lines).

*speedmode("turbo") now turns on turbo (which employs frame-skipping) rather than max speed.

*memory.readbyte will recognize frozen addresses (cheats).

*movie.framecount() always return a number, even when no movie is playing (since the frame counter is implemented without a movie loaded).

*Added FCEU.poweron()

*Added FCEU.softreset()

*Added FCEU.lagged()

*Added FCEU.lagcount()

*Added FCEU.getreadonly()

*Added FCEU.setreadonly()

*Added FCEU.fceu_setrenderplanes(sprites, background) 

*Added movie.active()

*Added movie.rerecordcount()

*Added movie.length()

*Added movie.getname()

*Added movie.playbeginning()

*Added -lua command line argment, loads a Lua script on startup

*Added zapper.read() - returns the zapper (mouse) data.  (Currently does return zapper data in movie playback).

*Added joypad.write and joypad.get for naming consistency. 

*Added rom.readbyte()

*Added rom.readbytesigned()

Sound Config

*Turning sound off disabled sound config controls

*Re-enabled sound buffer time slider control

Hex Editor

*Freezing ram addresses automatically updates the Cheats dialog if it is open.

* Added prevention from freezing more than 256 addresses at once (doing so caused crash bugs).

*Dialog remembers window size.

*Dump Rom & Dump PPU to file Dialogs use ROM to build default filename

*Maximize and minimize buttons added.

*Help menu item added

Memory Watch

*Dialog now includes Ram change monitoring. (see memwatch for details).

*Dialog is now collapsible to 1 column.

*No longer crashes when attempting to load an invalid file from the recent file menu.

*Cancel option added to the save changes dialog.

*Memory address values that are frozen by the debugger or hex editor are displayed in blue.

*Fixed bug that caused dialog to "disappear" due to saving -32000 as its window position.

*Save as dialog uses ROM name to build a default memory watch filename if there was no last used memory watch filename

*Drag and drop for .txt (memory watch) files.

*Minor menu and hotkey fixes.

*Watch values now compatible with custom windows dialog colors.


*Shows scanlines and PPU pixel values

*Shows scanlines even while in VBlank

*Added a Run Line button (runs 1 scanline per click)

*Run 128 Lines button (runs 128 scanlines per click)

*Number of active cheats listed.

*Cheats list automatically updated if ram addresses are frozen in the hex editor.

*Fixed bug that caused dialog to "disappear" due to saving -32000 as its window position.

*Debugger now has a minimum valid size

*Added "Restore original window size" button

PPU Viewer 

*Default refresh value set to 15

*Refresh value stored in the .cfg file

Nametable Viewer

*Default refresh value set to 15

*Refresh value stored in the .cfg file

Trace Logger

*Fixed bug where user can't scroll the log window while it is auto-updating.

*Changed message about F2 pause (left over from FCEUXDSP) to display the current hotkey mapping.

Text Hooker

*Saving a .tht file no longer crashes

*Dialog updates every frame

*Initialization error checking reinstalled,

*Dialog remembers window position

*Fixed bug where canceling save as produces an error message.

*Save As produces default filename based on the current ROM

Message Log

*Remembers X,Y position

*Resized width and height

*Allowed more lines of text to appear on the screen at once.


*Remembers window position

*Can be called from the context menu if a movie is loaded (see context menu for details).


*added help menu item

*disabled menu items that are not currently implemented.


*Turbo now employs frame skip, greatly increasing its speed

*The mute turbo option completely bypasses sound processing (another big speed boost)

*Turbo now works with the Lazy wait for VBlank sync setting


*SDL Movie subtitle support and subtitle toggle hotkey added.

*SDL Added fcm to fm2 converter tool to SDL version.

*SDL Improved the SDL sound code; drastically improves quality of sound.

*SDL Savestate slots are now mappable.

*SDL Major updates to SDL documentation

*SDL Added Shift+M for toggling automatic movie backups.

*SDL Added option to mute FCEUX for avi capturing, check the documentation for more details.

*SDL Added --noconfig command line option

*SDL Frame Advance Skip Lag frames toggle implemented

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