What's New? 2.4.0

Released -- 24 June 2021

The 2.4.0 release primarily focuses on improving stablity and capabilities of the Qt/SDL GUI port.

Qt/SDL  Build Improvements:

  • Added Windows to supported operating systems.
  • Now buildable against both Qt5 and Qt6.
  • Unix OS build fixes.

Qt/SDL  New Tools:

  • Added a pattern table tile editor to the PPU viewer.
  • Added a sprite table viewer window.
  • Added an NES palette color editor tool. Can now edit palette RGB values in realtime.

Qt/SDL  Nametable Viewer:

  • Added tile and attribute gridlines visibility feature.
  • Rearranged window layout.
  • Viewport now has zoom levels.
  • Viewport now has context menu functionality.

Qt/SDL  PPU Viewer:

  • Added tile gridlines visibility feature
  • Improved active palette display.
  • Added pattern table tile viewer context menu options.
  • Added a click or hover focus policy option to select tile via mouse.

Qt/SDL  Movies:

  • Added AVI and WAV recording capability.

Qt/SDL  Trace Logger:

  • Fixed buffer overrun issue.
  • Improved disk write performance.

Qt/SDL  Hex Editor:

  • Improved editor responsiveness.
  • Added a font selection option for text customization.
  • Added row / column coloring options.

Qt/SDL GUI Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added main menu hide feature.
  • Accelerators added to main menu.
  • Hot key interface re-worked to better integrate with main menu shortcuts.
  • Added menu preset options for autofire pattern and fixed timing issues.
  • Added an quick access link to fceux online documentation.
  • Added a recent ROMs list to the main menu.
  • Added TBL support to hex editor.
  • Bug fixes for using native OS QFileDialog option.
  • Added RAM init menu options
  • Added Qt style plugin and stylesheet selection/load options to UI config window.
  • Added feature that allows the binding of gamepad buttons to key sequences that can trigger GUI shortcuts.
  • Added PPU overclocking feature to timing config window.

Qt/SDL Video Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added aspect ratio selection support.
  • Added viewport cursor and draw input aids options.
  • Added visible scanline entry fields to video config window.
  • Fixed crash issues when switching between OpenGL and SDL drivers.
  • Fixed New PPU selection via video config window.
  • Fixed image distortion issues when using various video scalers and clipping.
  • Screen shot function now captures raw window pixels to allow for higher resolution, aspect ratio and scaler effects to be seen in image.
  • Added NTSC/PAL/dendy auto detection at ROM load.

Qt/SDL Stability Fixes:

  • Fixed various segmentation faults
  • Fixed various memory leaks caught by valgrind.
  • Cleaned up many compiler and cppcheck warnings.

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