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FCEUX 2.1.2 Release

03 November 2009

The 2.1.2 release that fixes some bugs of 2.1.1, increases game compatibility, launches a new PPU core, and adds usability enhancements to the windows port.


New PPU is now functional! You can access it by changing the newPPU flag in the config file. Windows users can access it from Config > PPU > New PPU
Dragon Ball Z 3 now playable again
Fixed action 52 game that was broken in post-FCEUX 2.0.3 versions
Mapper 253 mostly implemented
Mapper 43 fixed bug


Imported NSF features from FCEUXDSP-NSF. Debugging tools are now compatible with NSF files.
Movies now record FDS disk swapping commands
Movie play dialog displays movie time based on ~60.1 (~50.1 PAL) instead of 60 and 50
Ram Watch and Ram Search dialogs imported from GENS rerecording
Ram Filter dialog removed (now redundant compared to both cheat search and ram search)
Lua script window ported from GENS
Fix for the directory overrides bug that caused overrides to reset
Debugger: .deb file saving/loading restored
"Save config file" menu item
"New PPU" menu item

Minor Bug fixes

Minor fixes to recent menus
Fixed a bug that prevented the Map Hotkeys dialog's X button from closing the dialog
Restored DPCM Logging when Code/Data Logger is active
Memory watch - Save Changes Prompt - clicking save will default to quicksave first and save as 2nd (instead of always defaulting to save as)
Made Trace Logger refresh adequately when using stepping options in the debugger.


joypad.set() fixed. True,False, and Nil now work properly for all buttons. In addition there is a new "invert" option.
Lua5.1.dll no longer required to use lua.
Added savestate.registerload(), savestate.registersave(), savestate.loadscriptdata()
emu. library, has all the same functions as fceu. library for better compatibility between lua emulators
Many additional function names to increase consistency with other lua emulators
Added movie.recording() and movie.playing()
Added memory.getregister() and memory.setregister()
Added gui.popup and input.popup
Added savestate.registerload(), savestate.registersave(), and savestate.loadscriptdata()

New Lua Scripts

A multi-track movie recording tools written by FatRatKnight. Allows input for different players to be recorded separately.
A rewinding tool written by Jonathan Blow