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FCEUX 2.1.3 Release

08 April 2010

The 2.1.3 release that fixes some bugs of 2.1.2, increases game compatibility, and adds usability enhancements to the windows port and adds a GUI to the SDL port


Fixed mappers 82, 25, 21, and 18. Games such as SD Kiji Blader, Ganbare Goemon Gaiden, and Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2, Jajamaru Gekimadden are now playable
Fixes for mappers 253 & 226 - fixes games such as Fire Emblem (J) and Fire Emblem Gaiden (J)
Fix crashing on game loading for any battery backed roms with mappers from MapInitTab (fixes Esper Dream 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai (J)
FDS - show name of missing bios file in error message
NewPPU - fixed sprite hit before 255 and for non transparent hits only, thanks to dwedit for providing the fix
.fm2 file format header now has an FDS flag


A GUI! A graphic user interface (using GTK) with many basic menu options
ported to SDL 1.3; compatibility maintained with 1.2
unix netplay is now functional; gtk network gui created
now prints the name of the mapper on ROM load
fixed dpad/joyhat support
VS unisystem keys now configable
changed default hotkeys and keys to match win32
disallow --inputcfg gamepad0 and gamepad5


Made savestate backups optional (config - enable - backup savestates)
Made savestate compression togglable (config - enable - compress savestates)
Cheats dialog - Pause while active checkbox
Cheats dialog - Toggling a cheat in the cheats list now updates the active cheats count
Debugger - added an auto-load feature
Debugger - Fix so it doesn't crash if unminimized with no game loaded
Closing minimized windows no longer moves them the next time they get opened
Lua console - added a menu
Lua console - filename updates when lua scripts are dragged to emulator or recent filenames invoked
Name Table Viewer - Fix for use with New PPU
Trace Logger - Trace logger now logs the values of the stack pointer register
If a .fm2 file is drag and dropped with no ROM load, the open ROM dialog will appear
disable movie messages menu item
Added more window positions bounds checks. Accounts for -32000 positions and less out-of-range too
TASEdit - Added interface functionality (save/load, running TASEdit mid-movie, etc.)


New lua functions: gui.parsecolor(), joypad.getup(), joypad.getdown(), emu.emulating()
Change gui.line, gui.box, joypad.get to function consistently with other lua emulators such as GENS rerecording
fixed zapper.read() to read movie data if a movie is playing. Also changed the struct values to x,y,fire. This breaks lua scripts that used it previous, sorry
gui.text() now has out of bounds checking
Lua no longer unpauses the emulator when a script is loaded