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FCEUX 2.1.4 Release

01 June 2010

2.1.4 Maintenence Release

Fixes the following bugs from 2.1.4:
Fix crash on .fcm convert
Fix erroneous savestate after movie errors on loadstate during read-only movie playback

31 May 2010

The 2.1.4 release that fixes some many bugs and adds new features compared to 2.1.3. In addition it also fixes up the movie code significantly; fixing implementation problems, loading speed, adding new features, and fixing bugs.


Added microphone support option. When enabled, Port 2 Start activates the Microphone
Prevent .zip files containing no recognized files from causing crash
Autohold - Added player 3 and 4 to autohold notification window, labeled controller input
mapper 19 savestate fix mirroring for "Dream Master (J)" corrected to "four-screen" by CRC check
Disable auto-savestates during turbo
Fixed so Gotcha! auto-enables zapper


Fully implemented "bulletproof" read-only
Movie code now fully conforms to the Savestate section of the Laws of TAS
Fixed a potential desync that plays out an extra frame without an update to the frame count involving heavy lua use, joypad.get, and a loadstate
Movie support for microphone
Movies now have a "finished" mode. If a playback stops the movie isn't cleared from memory, and can be replayed or a state loaded. Similar functionality as DeSmuME and GENS rerecording
New PPU flag in movie headers (doesn't change an emulators PPU state when loading a movie)
Much faster movie loading and movie-savestate loading
Made gamepad 2 off by default (so less movies should have unused player 2 data)
Implemented a "full savestate-movie load" mode similar to the implementation in VBA-rr and SNES9x-rr. In this mode loading a savestate in read+write doesn't truncate the movie to its frame count immediately. Instead it waits until input is recording into the movie (next frame). For win32 this feature is togglable in movie options and the context menu. For SDL this is off by default and a toggle will need to be added
Movie + loadstate errors are handled more gracefully now, with more informative error messages and the movie doesn't have to stop if backups are enabled
Fix PlayMovieFromBeginning when using a movie that starts from savestate


fix bug that caused zapper.read() to crash when movie playback ends
Win32 - Added option for palette selection as color for LUA colors. Included is a LUA script to display all choices with the value used to pick displayed color
New Lua functions:

Input display

Input display updates on loadstate
Input display overhaul that uses different colors for different input contexts
Input display now shows both currently pressed buttons and buttons held the previous frame


Added NTSC 2x scalar option with some CFG config options of it's own
Added Ram Search hotkeys for the first 6 search types in the list
Add Cheat buttons for Ram Search and Ram Watch
With special scaler in window mode, it's possible to resize to anything above the minimum.
Recording a new movie adds it to recent movies list
Replay dialog, when selecting a movie in a relative path (.\movies for example), the recent movies list stores an absolute path instead
Replay dialog shows PAL flag and New PPU flags
CDLogger - fixed bug preventing correct interrupt vectors from logging
Memwatch - ignore spaces at the beginnign of an address in the address boxes
Replay dialog - fix bug that was causing it to always report savestate movies as soft-reset


Added conditional debugging option 'K', for bank PC is on
Fixed bug involving pausing emulation outside of the debugger, then trying to use the debugger commands, and having the CPU registers become corrupted
Made debugger able to break on and distinguish Stack reads/writes

Hex Editor

Added "Goto" command
Made the Hex Editor display the Frozen, Bookmarked, etc. status of the selected address, and made the Frozen color override the Bookmarked color

Cheat Search

Made enabling/disabling cheats no longer deselect the selected cheat
Added context menu to Cheat Dialog Cheat Listbox, populated list with Toggle Cheat, Poke Cheat Value, and Goto In Hex Editor
Enabled multi-select for Cheat menu to allow multiple toggles and deletes
Made cheat menu's Pause When Active effect immediate


Added Tools -> GUI option to partially disable visual themes, so the emulator can be made to look like it did in 2.1.1 and earlier releases
Drag & Drop - if dropping a .fcm with no ROM loaded, prompt for one (same functionality that was added to .fm2 files)
Added single-instance mode, which makes starting a second copy of FCEUX load the file into the first, then exit. Mode off by default, toggleable under Config -> GUI