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FCEUX 2.1.5 Release

04 June 2011

The 2.1.5 release fixes a lot of bugs and brings various improvements to the prior 2.1.4a release. In addition, the SDL port has improved signficantly; completely overhauling the GTK2 GUI, fixing many sound issues, and fixing a variety of bugs.


Fixed compatibility issue with Young Indiana Jones Chronicals.
Fixed bug in new PPU that made some intensify bits not get applied to output (fixed flashing siren screen in Werefolf).
Fix many segmentation faults related to file handling.


Slight performance increase when loading movies.
Fixed read-only loadstate error messages and logic.


Lua socket added to built-in lua library.
Fixed speed.mode() function so that normal turns off turbo.
New Lua function:



Integrated menu window and game window into a single window.
Fixed issed with xscale and yscale spin buttons.
Filechooser now remembers the last open file.
Added hard reset menu item.
Added GUI game genie support.
Extended the savestate menu system: adding quicksave, quickload, and saveslot selection.
Added video option: "OpenGL Linear Filter".
New gamepad configuration dialog.
Added stock icons to menu items.
Overhauled GUI layout throughout all dialogs.


Removed GTK_LITE build option from SConstruct.
Added "no-gui" command line parameter to replace GTK_LITE build option.
To disable the GUI even when it is compiled in fceuX, append "--nogui 1" to your startup command.
Various bug fixes with related to SDL sound output.
Many other bug fixes and various improvements.


Fixed some minor GUI issues.
Added avi capture commandline argument and related parameters.
Fix input selection for Famicom Expansion port.


Fixed Ram Search to only display valid RAM addresses (0000-07FF and 6000-7FFF).
Fixed crash when re-opening debugging window.

Hex Editor

Added a confirmation prompt before removing all bookmarks.

Ram Watch / Ram Search

Fixed the multiple selection of watches.
Added support for Multiple selection of addresses in RamWatch Fixed issue with restoration of the selection range in RamWatch.


General cleanup.
Fixed crash when truncating while turbo was enabled.
Invalidate greenzone when re-recording earlier portions of a movie.


Added "SaveStateAs" menu item.
Display movie name at the top of the main window.