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FCEUX 2.2.2 Release

23 September 2013

The 2.2.2 release fixes a number of emulation bugs and adds many new features, most of which are related to debugging and reverse engineering.


Properly savestate NSF files
"Auto-resume old play session" now also works with NSFs


Fixed mappers 178, 28, 53, 154, 43, 253, 19, 2
Mapper 012 - added hardware dip for language select
UNIF PEC-586 - fixed render, added 512K cartridges suppport
Fixed UNIF 8157, UNIF T-262, UNIF DANCE2000
Palette RAM reading fix for Old PPU
Bring some improvements to New PPU from BizHawk, fix vtoggle5/6 back to vtoggle
Fixed mmc5 savestates


Fix wrong frequency calculation in sound.get() function
New Lua functions:


Added "Square pixels" option to Video Config
"TV Aspect" ratio can be customized, by default it's 4:3
Changed "Disable hardware acceleration" checkbox to a drop-down list with 3 options
Movie recording: remember last Author name when creating a new movie
Movie recording: added ability to record "Insert coin" command (for VS games)
When no script is currently running, Shift+L loads the most recent Lua script
Dynamic link to lua51.dll instead of static linking, because some external libraries might crash without lua51.dll
Updated 7z.dll to v9.22
A couple of fixes which deal with "multiple ROMs in a single archive" case
Auto-disable "Game Genie ROM" feature when no "gg.rom" file is found
Fixed "Single Instance Mode"

TAS Editor

Comply with Lua movie.rerecordcounting() setting
Fixed workflow with "Auto-adjust Input according to Lag" disabled


Smart scrolling up/down by whole instructions - ported from an obscure version of FCEUXD 1.1
Scrolling maintains relative position of the ">" pointer inside the Disassembly window
Highlight PC pointer line when a breakpoint is hit
debuggerFontSize can be specified in fceux.cfg
Fixed storing and loading .deb files when working with archived ROMs
Fixed Cycles counter reset when loading an earlier savestate
Added Symbolic Debug naming by right-clicking any address or name
Symbolic names behave the same way as usual addresses
Newly created Bookmarks inherit existing symbolic name by default
Added CDL data column to the left from Disassembly, to distinguish executed branches of code from not executed
Added 'T' condition for breakpoints (it checks the bank of the accessed data, see docs)

Trace Logger

The dialog window can be resized
Do not clear window log when stopping the logging
Added "Log Cycles count" and "Log Instructions count" options
Added Symbolic Debug naming by right-clicking any address or name
Clicking any address select the address
Double-clicking any address brings Debugger at the address
Added mouse wheel support
Only output "from $XXXX" when the subroutine was called by JSR

PPU Viewer

Added "Mask unused graphics" feature (needs Code/Data Logger running)
Fixed window layout when using big fonts

Hex Editor

Added "Highlighting" submenu and "Highlight Activity" feature
Added Symbolic Debug naming by right-clicking any address
Specify Data bank condition when adding a Breakpoint by context menu
Fixed bugs when saving files while working with ROMs in archives
hexeditorFontSize can be specified in fceux.cfg

RAM Search/RAM Watch

Added "Hex Editor" button to RAM Search (right-clicking an address works as well)
Fixed RAM Watch bug when contents of old .wch file were mixed with the newly saved data


"--periodicsaves" command line option
"--4buttonexit" command line option
"--loadstate X" and "--savestate X" command line options
Added Unity desktop support
Added otion to use system-provided LUA library instead of statically linked LUA
Fix issue where battery backup save was not being saved when using "Quit" hotkey
Fixed bug where FCEUX would take exclusive grab of input in windowed mode when resuming from pause