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FCEUX 2.4.0 Release

24 June 2021

The 2.4.0 release primarily focuses on improving stablity and capabilities of the Qt/SDL GUI port.


Build Improvements

Added Windows to supported operating systems.
Now buildable against both Qt5 and Qt6.
Unix OS build fixes.

New Tools

Added a pattern table tile editor to the PPU viewer.
Added a sprite table viewer window.
Added an NES palette color editor tool. Can now edit palette RGB values in realtime.

Nametable Viewer

Added tile and attribute gridlines visibility feature.
Rearranged window layout.
Viewport now has zoom levels.
Viewport now has context menu functionality.

PPU Viewer

Added tile gridlines visibility feature
Improved active palette display.
Added pattern table tile viewer context menu options.
Added a click or hover focus policy option to select tile via mouse.


Added AVI and WAV recording capability.

Trace Logger

Fixed buffer overrun issue.
Improved disk write performance.

Hex Editor

Improved editor responsiveness.
Added a font selection option for text customization.
Added row / column coloring options.

GUI Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added main menu hide feature.
Accelerators added to main menu.
Hot key interface re-worked to better integrate with main menu shortcuts.
Added menu preset options for autofire pattern and fixed timing issues.
Added an quick access link to fceux online documentation.
Added a recent ROMs list to the main menu.
Added TBL support to hex editor.
Bug fixes for using native OS QFileDialog option.
Added RAM init menu options
Added Qt style plugin and stylesheet selection/load options to UI config window.
Added feature that allows the binding of gamepad buttons to key sequences that can trigger GUI shortcuts.
Added PPU overclocking feature to timing config window.

Video Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added aspect ratio selection support.
Added viewport cursor and draw input aids options.
Added visible scanline entry fields to video config window.
Fixed crash issues when switching between OpenGL and SDL drivers.
Fixed New PPU selection via video config window.
Fixed image distortion issues when using various video scalers and clipping.
Screen shot function now captures raw window pixels to allow for higher resolution, aspect ratio and scaler effects to be seen in image.
Added NTSC/PAL/dendy auto detection at ROM load.

Stability Fixes

Fixed various segmentation faults
Fixed various memory leaks caught by valgrind.
Cleaned up many compiler and cppcheck warnings.