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FCEUX 2.6.0 Release

12 January 2022

The 2.6.0 release features the addition of the TAS Editor to the Qt/SDL port. There are also a few other minor bug fixes.


TAS Editor

The full TAS editor has been ported over from the Win32 version. Other than minor layout changes, Win32 TAS users should find it familiar.

GUI Improvements and Bug Fixes

Fixed occasional stack overflow issue due to unintended recursion in Qt event loop.

Video Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added video vertical sync config option.
Added built-in video vertical sync test pattern.

Input Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added escape characters to gamepad config files to fix keyboard binding issue for ',' and '\' keys.

Build Improvements

Replaced a few soon-to-be deprecated ffmpeg function calls.
Cleaned up a few compiler warnings.