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FCEUX 2.6.2 Maintenance Release

04 February 2022

The 2.6.2 release is a maintenance update that adds a couple minor features and fixes a few bugs for the Qt/SDL port.



Fixed VROM size calculation error from NES header.


Added WRAM support for OneBus mapper (mapper 256).


GUI Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added an auto hide main menu on fullscreen option.
Added an option to disable display of video overlayed GUI messages.
Fixed default setting for max sprites per scanline to be 8 (matching win32 port).

Hex Editor Improvements and Bug Fixes

Fixed logic to move cursor to next line when editing hits end of line.
Fixed inconsistent display behavior of vertical scroll bar. Viewport line offset and vertical scroll position are now always synchronized.
Fixed draw layering of cursor row/column coloring when in ROM view.
Added protections to prevent crash when editing addresses past the end of a ROM file.
Improved cursor blink rate to be consistent regardless of viewport refresh rate.

SDL Sound

Fixed sound issue on FreeBSD 13. Force audio sample size to always be a power of 2 per SDL documentation.

Build Improvements

Fixed a build errors when compiling against Qt6 (6.2.2).
Removed usage of a few Qt6 deprecated function calls.