What's New? 2.6.0

Released -- 12 January 2022

The 2.6.0 release features the addition of the TAS Editor to the Qt/SDL port. There are also a few other bug fixes.


TAS Editor

  • The full TAS editor has been ported over from the Win32 version. Other than minor layout changes, Win32 TAS users should find it familiar.

GUI Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional stack overflow issue due to unintended recursion in Qt event loop.

Video Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added video vertical sync config option.
  • Added built-in video vertical sync test pattern.

Input Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added escape characters to gamepad config files to fix keyboard binding issue for ',' and '\' keys.

Build Improvements

  • Replaced a few soon-to-be deprecated ffmpeg function calls.
  • Cleaned up a few compiler warnings.

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